A virtual PM that collects team updates and delivers accurate data-driven project timeline

Drive your product time to market with autogenerated Gantt powered by ML-driven historical performance analytics across all tools and integrated live team updates

100% Product Development visibility in a single place

  • Track Timelines and Spot Blockers live

    Track Project timeline with zero manual input via Automated Gantt powered with ML-based Timelines prediction and Blockers identification

  • Get key Project updates via Slack bot

    Get notified about key Project updates and collect structured Team input asynchronously via an intelligent Slack bot

  • Powerful 360 Project analytics

    Fix consistent Project and Team inefficiencies based on log-based analytics across all tools that your team is using

azimu is created to empower Product and Technology executives

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Make decisions not talks

Be always up to date with the real progress and use valuable time with your team to make decisions on important issues rather than getting the awareness

Prevent broken promises

Get to know first when progress is getting blocked or the quality is compromised. Uncover and fix them before they force the promises to be broken 

Be ahead of your team

Uncover your team's collaboration and performance patterns and empower them to improve removing unnecessary load and process inefficiencies  

Track Timelines and Spot Blockers live

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The timeline is autogenerated and always in sync with your task management system. Zero Manual input required

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Delivery dates are predicted with ML algorithms based on your team's past performance and recent development progress

Get key Project updates via Slack bot

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Receive a daily Report with key blockers and changes within the project across all tools

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azimu will ask your teammates if they are stuck and update the timeline asynchronously so it is always up to date

Want to know when will your release actually be ready?

Powerful 360 Project Analytics

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Trace velocity, resolution, waiting times as well as many more configurable project performance metrics 

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Match task tracking analytics with Git code statistics in a single Dashboard to get 360 project view

azimu is easy to connect and secure to use

Easy to Connect

Generate and Upload your Git, Jira and Slack access tokens within 3 minutes and check all your data in a single place

Personalized onboarding

Our managers onboard you personally and make sure you get the most value out of azimu functionality

Secure & GDPR compliant

We acknowledge the value of your data and so keep it safe and compliant with all required security and GDPR standards

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