A single place to boost Product Development progress and quality

Drive your product time to market with the seamless process, quality and team analytics based on Git, Jira, Slack, and G-Suite data fueled by intelligent recommendations

100% Product development visibility in a single place

  • Prevent Blockers and Quality Issues

    Get notified about key Blockers and features' Quality issues instantly to act before it becomes a lost opportunity

  • Track Real Progress and Hit Deadlines

    Check development Progress and compliance with Deadlines via intelligent Jira, Git & Slack data analytics

  • Supercharge Team Performance

    Empower the team fixing overloads and skewed focus. Make decisions based on historical team performance and collaboration patterns across all tools

azimu is created to empower both Product and Technology executives

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Make decisions not talks

Be always up to date with the real progress and use valuable time with your team to make decisions on important issues rather than getting the awareness

Prevent broken promises

Get to know first when progress is getting blocked or the quality is compromised. Uncover and fix them before they force the promises to be broken 

Be ahead of your team

Uncover your team's collaboration and performance patterns and empower them to improve removing unnecessary load and process inefficiencies  

Prevent Blockers and Quality Issues

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Get notified first about the features that have no progress tracked both in Jira and Git for way too long

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Remove process bottlenecks that compromise your speed and quality with personalized peer-based recommendations

Track real Progress and Hit Deadlines

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Monitor progress through data-driven delivery timeline estimates together with essential Jira Burndown chart

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Track real work in progress with Git Commits and Pull Requests' statistics by features and teams

Want to check how you actually progressed since the last week?

Get ready with your access tokens and we can show yourreal-time progress just during the demo

Supercharge Team Performance

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Uncover team Focus Areas across all tools and optimize for a more balanced, fit for purpose workload

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Spot and support informal leaders or optimize misaligned team structure with collaboration patterns and historical performance analysis

azimu is easy to connect and secure to use

Easy to Connect

Generate and Upload your Git, Jira and Slack access tokens within 3 minutes and check all your data in a single place

Personalized onboarding

Our managers onboard you personally and make sure you get the most value out of azimu functionality

Secure & GDPR compliant

We acknowledge the value of your data and so keep it safe and compliant with all required security and GDPR standards

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